Translucent Window System exterior
Translucent Window System

UniQuad® – Translucent Window System

Kingspan Light + Air’s modern, energy-efficient UniQuad® Translucent Windows are versatile enough for new construction and renovation projects alike, and offer the benefits of features like custom sizes, multi-color translucent panels and supplemental insulation.

Engineered to seamlessly integrate into building openings, these modular panels streamline installation to save time and reduce job costs, and can help to meet LEED building requirements. UniQuad® Translucent Windows are warrantied to maintain their translucence over time, letting in greater, better light that can boost health and productivity.

Internal Structural Support

The concealed aluminum support members create an efficient and effective unitized system, allowing for a continuous, flush, and clean aesthetic similar to channel glass but with less weight and lower costs.

Internal Structural Support


  • Unitized design – enabling fast, easy installation.
  • Panels are pre-assembled – maintaining superior quality control
  • Creates a 3 tier defense systems – superior protection against water and air infiltration
  • Does not rely on adhesive that may break down over time.
  • Does not require continual maintenance.

Features & Options

Designed with a flush appearance. Pre-engineered up to 6 foot tall

cross section

Removable Skin Technology (RST)

The UniQuad® system is designed so the individual glazing panels are independent of one another and are mechanically connected to the internal support structure.

Removable Skin Technology

The interior or exterior glazing panel can be disengaged or removed as necessary while the other glazing panel remains in place. This enables building operations to continue without interruption and results in unrivaled system longevity.

quadwall bicolor
  • Select from a wide range of standard and custom glazing colors.
  • Include insulation into the mix to improve thermal performance.
  • Add exterior graphics to promote your brand.
  • Incorporate LED backlighting to create a beacon for the community.
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