Innovative Panel Technology

CPI has worked tirelessly to develop the most versatile daylighting system on the market to redefine the benchmark of what’s possible when imagination meets innovation.

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The internal cavity between the individual glazing panels can be modified, making the same system adaptable to meet building-specific performance requirements without compromising on the aesthetic quality of the building. This versatility allows our daylighting system to be the showcase feature of the design rather than just a utility product. We are proud to boast the industry’s best ratio of light transmission to thermal insulation, and we are committed to the continued research and development of our products.

CPI Daylighting manufactures translucent wall systems that offer a variety of applications, including facades, cladding and screen walls, and pre-engineered systems, with additional specialty features as well. The extreme versatility of the systems, their modular construction, and their sleek, linear aesthetic allows for easy integration with other building envelope components.

Designers are able to rethink daylighting in a creative and inspiring way with the wide range of color options available, as well as the potential for incorporating additional design features like graphics and lighting.

BriteWay translucent canopies, offer flexible design options that include both pre-engineered and customized systems from the ground up.  The BriteWay canopies utilize a translucent glazing cover, allowing light to pass through to create a comfortable and well-lit walkway.

Available in a variety of standard shapes, including vaults, ridges, single slopes, pyramids, polygons, and domes, CPI often works with architects on custom configurations. There are a variety of glazing colors to choose from, and each provides an even distribution of glare-free, diffused light.

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